HAMMERWHORE have arrived so be prepared to bang your heads ! They began in the end of 2001 when guitarist / vocalist Joe Gonzalez decided that the material he was writing for his current band, SEMPITERNAL, just didn?t fit so HAMMERWHORE was born to play Heavy / Thrash Metal. In early 2002 the band played their first live show and in the summer they recorded their first demo, "Devoted To Violence". Despite line up changes the band hammered on and followed that demo with another entitled "Mercyless Brutality" which utilized a drum machine since they had not yet secured a drummer. This happened to be my first introduction to them. Luckily in 2003 the band found a permanent drummer and now are a well oiled machine ready to plow through your living room with awesome Heavy / Thrash Metal !


LATEST NEWS: HAMMERWHORE are finished with their debut for Witches Brew. I should have the master in my hands any day now (come on damned slow postal service !!). New prints for t-shirts have been ordered as well as some new 1.5" buttons with 5 different designs. Also coming in 2005, HAMMERWHORE sew-on logo patches ! More on that in March. For now check out the MP3s and start drooling for this fantastic slab of Thrash greatness !

Website: www.angelfire.com/tx6/hammerwhore

"Devoted To Violence" Demo 2002
"Mercyless Brutality" Demo 2002
"Live From The Riot" Tape 2004 Final Punishment
"Hammerwhore" 2005 WITCHES BREW